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PhiAcademy is a leading  Academy of cosmetology founded by Branko Babic. Go through the process of formation and development with lots of fluctuations and difficulties. Today, Branko Babic has established a strong empire in the worldwide  beauty industry. Using the gold index of the Greeks used in engineering and painting – the Phi index, which is accurate to millimeters, Sir Branko Babic has brought the perfection into every specialized of PhiAcademy including PhiContour, Phi Lashes, PhiLings, PhiNesse, Phiremoval and especially Phibrows. Furthemore, Sir Branko Babic has trained Masters with transcendent skills, bring the quintessence of Phibrows Academy to every continent.

Typical in the top Masters is GRAND MASTER HUONG PHAN. Leaving her dear hometown to study business administration in Germany and graduated the prestigious Munchen University, Huong Phan brings with her the youth aspirations to overcome the worries of living alone in a pilgrim place. Become a programmer of one of the largest company in Germany, Huong Phan once again has the opportunity to approach the beauty industry and find out her passion. She is always hungry for knowledge and has the opportunity to know Sir Branko Babic to learn the Microblading technique. Just 3 months after spent all her enthusiasm in studying basic and advance as well as creative in every line, with golden hands and a great aesthetic mind, Huong Phan has outstandingly received the Master title of Phibrows Branko Babic Academy and became the first Asia Master in the world. Master Huong Phan has inspired all Vietnamese from continents around the world for her enthusiasm, hard working and determination to overcome all the difficulties, achieve achievement and recognized in the beauty world. Master Huong Phan is creator of “Male Brows – Microblading for Men”, a breakthrough in the beauty industry. During her teaching, Master Huong Phan has always keep on studying and creating, with own experience and international training method in University, Master Huong Phan has compiled a curriculum exclusively for Vietnamese, helped Sir Branko Babic develop Asian market, especially booming in the Viet Nam since Vietnamese people from all around the world gather to learn this new technology and spread out in their countries where they are living, contributing a lot to the development of Academy to this day Phibrows has become the world’s leading brand. 

With positive contributions, sharing her own experience and accomplishments, on 21/07/2017, Masrter Huong Phan has officially honored and awarded the title GRAND MASTER by Sir Branko Babic – The noblest title of PhiAcademy and also one of the first 5 Grand Master of the world. Returning with the honorary title, with the great responsibility and the teaching desire, Grand Master Huong Phan’s enthusiastic dedication increased more and more, looking for teaching methods and create new lines. She is compiling “Lesson Plan of ASIANBROWS – Microblading for Asian” and Vietnamese language Craft Master pro application, bring modern beauty technology closer to the Vietnameses, shorten the language gap so that Vietnamese people can access the latest beauty technologies in the world, bring beauty technology in Vietnam in particular and South East Asia in general to rise brightly with the beauty industry in the world. Along with the core values are the five elements of transparency, accountability, credibility, dedication and creativity, Phibrows Asia Academy by Grand Master Huong Phan hopes can be a steppingstone, a foundation as well as a open door to a bright and open career path for all of you – talented people are looking for their own career path. Grand Master has always dedicated to convey all knowledge, experience and support students after every course, she has successfully trained thousands of Artist, Royal Artist from all over the world, including 8 Asian Masters. Many of the talented students of Phibrows Asia, under the guidance and training of Grand Master Huong Phan, has succeeded and established themselves as well as their foothold in beauty world and in customer’s heart. Typical can be mentioned:

  • Master Van Anh Nguyen – Vietnamese Master in Germany
  • Master Thuy Tran – Vietnamese Master in Finland
  • Master Judy Nguyen – Vietnamese Master in New Zealand – Founder of VNZ International
  • Master Quynh Tran – Vietnamese Master in Viet Nam – Founder of Quynh Quyen Beauty
  • Master Trang Nguyen – Vietnamese Master in Viet Nam
  • Master Tananyaphat Puncharatsopha – Master in Thailand
  • Master Allberto M. Funderanan III – Master in The Phillipines
  • Master Thiri Thander Win – Master in Myanma
  • And hundreds Artist and Royal Artist has been asserting Phibrows brand around the world.







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